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Woodland Alumnus


Karleigh Cameron - Class of 2006


Karleigh attended Traverse Bay Community School in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  As a graduate of Central Michigan University, she recently completed an internship at the NASA Langley Research Center and is currently in a PhD program for applied mathematics at Colorado State University.  Her favorite memories from TBCS are Exploring Nature in Winter, capture the flag, and the hiking trip.

Since 1996, Woodland School has been helping students like you grow and meet the world fully prepared to engage and contribute.


If you are an alumni and would like to be a part of our extended community contact us.  We'll stay in touch with you, keep you posted on upcoming events, and let you know how your school is growing and changing even while we maintain the traditions that have made us unique.


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Woodland Alumnus


Clarissa (Lewis) Anderson - Class of 2005


Clarissa graduated from Traverse Bay Community School in 2005.  Since graduating from TBCS Clarissa studied at BYU, graduated with a degree in studio art, moved to Utah, married, become a mother, and an illustrator of children's books.  She most recently illustrated Gold, a Children's Book.


Her favorite memories from TBCS include: the fun playgrounds, capture the flag, and being in choir, band, and the musicals.  

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Woodland Alumnus


Michael Budros - Class of 2005


Michael is currently in the middle of a dual Masters program at the University of Michigan.  He is studying public health and public policy and is interested in working to create health systems in developing countries.


Michael graduated from our program when the school was named Traverse Bay Community School (TBCS).  His favorite memories from TBCS include: playing capture the flag, the teachers, exploring Soldier Field while on a class trip, and sledding onto the pond.

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1996 - Mike Farley and Stephanie Rancour cut the ribbon to Traverse Bay Community School as students eagerly await.  These early years created the base from which all things Woodland have sprung.  Over twenty years later, Woodland is an established and vibrant learning community that has had a profound impact on so many.


To the right you will see a second generation Woodland student helping her mother, Antonia Brian, and longtime teacher Stephanie Rancour, plant a peace pole during our 20th anniversary celebration.


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